Complete Engine / Generator sets available EX-STOCK

WARTSILA     8L20C, 6L20, 9L20

MAN B&W      6L27/38, 7L27/38, 6L23/30H

HIMSEN         6H21/32 (Built 2008)

DAIHATSU     6DK20e (Built 2012)

MAK              6M20, 8M20, 9M20

YANMAR        6N18, 6N21, 8N21


Special Promotion

Now available all major spares available for following engine in ready stock.


·  MANB&W     L27/38 and L32/40

·  HIMSEN       6H21/32

·  YANMAR       N21, N18



Spares available EX-STOCK

MAN B&W      L32/40, L27/38, L23/30, L23/30H, L28/32, L28/32H

WARTSILA     L20, R20, R22, R22/26

DAIHATSU      DK20, DL20

YANMAR        N21, N18, T220, M220, M200


MAK             M20, M453AK, M552AK

HIMSEN        H21/32


Now available EX-STOCK DUBAI

Mirrlees Blackstone KV MAJOR MK3

Cylinder cover, Piston, Connecting rod, Fuel pump

Crankshaft (16 cyl)


For MAN B&W – MC(C)

NEW - Piston Ring, Original, Made In Japan

NEW - Piston Crown with Class Certificate

RECONDITIONED - Cylinder Cover, Liner, Exhaust Valve Spindle and Seat

OEM Fuel Injection spares, complete range of spares